Preview for Hawkeye #19 by Matt Fraction and David Aja, on sale this Wednesday, July 30th!


Chris Pratt interrupts the interview to french braid intern’s hair x

How is this so hot…?



I just think every driver should read this.

Too many people are oblivious to these facts, mainly because they’ve never been in or driven a truck hauling horses.

Horses cannot be “safely” loaded for hauling the same way boxes or furniture can, they are always top-heavy and they are always able to move freely. You don’t want to see what happens to a half-ton animal that just got flung around inside a trailer because the person driving had no choice but to hit to the brakes or swerve.


Kate Bishop in #7


Kate Bishop in #7

it takes time to do right

Why must I go back to work. Why can’t I call my boss and explain that I need to spend serious time being very sad about Hawkeye 19, because IT LOOKS EVEN WORSE THAN I EXPECTED?


A small peak at next week’s HAWKEYE #19

Spoilers, i suppose.


bedhead game so strong you be wakin up lookin like an anime protagonist 


If you aren’t reading Sex Criminals, then I have two questions: …why do you hate fun and when did you decide to not love yourself?